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Soothing Piano - An Rx From My Heart to Yours
Soothing Piano 2 - An Rx From My Heart to Yours

Original Songs Composed and Performed

by Dr. Ron Sherman

  Soothing, relaxing, easy listening, semi-classical piano music that is romantic yet unique in its compositional approach.  These are New Age, yet structured, melodious instrumentals which you can hum along with or easily remember yet suitable to massage type background or mood music as well.

  Please enjoy,
  Dr. Ron Sherman


           Dr. Ron Sherman is a decorated Air Force Veteran physician with 32 years experience who grew up in a musical family. His band leader father played the violin, sax and clarinet in the Catskills in the 1930’s and his mother sang and played the accordion and later the organ. Dr. Ron paid for his college and grad school playing the organ piano, guitar and singing in restaurants and night clubs. His musical compositions reflect his background and interests- romantic, yet moving and powerful semi-classical instruments complete with a world class violinist, flutist and harpist as well. His 48,000 patients enjoy his CDs. We hope you do also.

             2 Sample testimonials say it all:

“As I listen, I thought his could be Ravel or Debussy. Just Awesome!” Craig Cavaluzzi- Artist ,composer, and writer- Ormond Beach Fl.

“Unlike some music which comes at you and attacks you, this music bathes and embraces you in beauty” Yvonne Mart Fox- National Author and Practice Management Consultant, Beverly Hills, CA.


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